Art Deco Monogram Design Week

Art Deco Wedding Monograms

Art Deco Monogram Design Week was a lot of fun here at Lucky Penny! We got to sketching, dreaming, & to designing a few customizable monograms for your art deco pleasure!

Daisy Art Deco Monogram

First up is “Daisy“, refined, simple, and timelessly elegant – Daisy is inspired by the clean lines of the Art Deco movement in the 1920s.

Structured with a strong but elegant frame, Daisy is ideal to print out for that DIY cake topper project you’ve been thinking about!

Daisy is available in a soft pastel pallet, featuring blush pink, mint, and slick black and white.

Customize Daisy online now!

City Dreams in Deco

The City Dreams” is a monogram that is more like a piece of art. Featuring strong smooth full colors, this monogram evokes memories of those nights out on the town where you and your love were the only two people on earth.

Beautifully framed, this customizable wedding monogram is waiting for you to print out and stick on to wine labels, save the dates, and more!

Customize The City Dreams online now!

Winged Decorum Custom MonogramWinged Decorum” takes flight amongst Lucky Penny’s custom wedding monograms.

An elegant and delightfully fun embodiment of art deco style, this wedding monogram brings a sense of personality to the table.

Inspired by the striking lines found in the artwork depicting the world of 1920’s aviation, Winged Decorum brings it’s self to your wedding with a sense of history and style.

Customize Winged Decorum online now!

Park Lane” is the elegant embodiment of true art deco design.Park Lane Custom Deco Monogram

Carved diamond lines cut with intention across the artwork, inspiring a sense of three dimensional movement while remaining innately flat.

If you are looking for a customizable wedding monogram with true and simple art deco flair, Park Lane won’t let you down.

Customize Park Lane online now!

Tesselek Art Deco MonogramLooking for that circular wedding cake topper of your dreams? Download and print out “Tesselek“!

Inspired by those gorgeous repeating patterns of 1920’s fashion, Tesselek is art deco design without being too over the top.

A strong and striking font showcases the first initial of you and your partner’s new shared last name in sleek art deco style.

Customize Tesselek online now!

That’s all for our featured art deco monograms from Lucky Penny’s art deco monogram design week! Check back soon for our next inspired design session, coming soon! x

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