Boho Wedding Monogram Design

Lucky Penny Wedding Monogram Bohemian Design

Lucky Penny Wedding Design’s Bohemian wedding monogram design week as a bit hit around the office! We painted our faces, headed to tumblr, and educated ourselves in the ways of boho.

Really though, we had a great time whipping up a few great wedding monogram designs for you to customize – all featuring that special brand of free spirited boho flair.

Lucky Penny Custom Wedding Monograms

Through The Woods

Nothing says boho more than a leaping geometric depiction of your spirit animal.

This wedding monogram is fully customizable in our online monogram designer!

Lucky Penny Dreamers wedding monogram


No bohemian wedding monogram collection is complete without a dream catcher!

This soft water color design is fully editable by you in our online monogram designer, select your colors & letters, download, and print!

Lucky Penny Boho Wedding Monograms

Let’s Get Lost

Run away with Lucky Penny’s feathered boho wedding monogram design, soft summery hues, just waiting for you to customize! Lucky Penny Wedding Monograms

Birds of Color

This peacock inspired wedding monogram is all dressed up and ready to go, featuring the soft boho loving of one of the most flamboyant birds strutting it’s stuff today.

Would you like to add your own initials to this wedding monogram? Customize it now!

Lucky Penny Design Download Print

How does it all work? You ask? Customize your wedding monogram with colors, initials, and your wedding date – download your print files, and then unleash the DIY bride within!

Lucky Penny Boho Wedding Monogram

Dream Catcher Wedding Monogram

Geometric Deer Wedding Monogram