Choosing your Wedding Colors

Selecting your wedding colors is an important base for all of your wedding design.

How do I pick my wedding colors? Sometimes choosing the colors for your wedding can be as simple as picking your favourite two colors and going wild. Other times, not so much.

Because your wedding day is so special most brides (and grooms!) are really looking to design and plan a wedding that represents who they are as a couple. Choosing your wedding colors is one of the first basic steps to pulling together a big day that really shows off your combined style and flair.

Summer wedding Colours

When selecting your Wedding Colors, think about what certain colors mean to you, and what emotions you might attach to them. For instance a dark earthy green may remind you of the forest next to the house you grew up in, while a rich blue will remind you of the ocean your partner loves to surf.

Cool Wedding Colours

Now, while you’re thinking about colors that might have a little meaning attached to them, keep in mind what colors are complimentary – and what neutral or maybe metallic colors you could use to enhance your main colors.

Neutral Wedding Colours

Having trouble thinking of colors you like? Try this: do a google image search for “photography” and have a look at what comes up. Make mental notes of the images you find appealing, and then start to look for similarities. Do you love the black and white styles? Or maybe you enjoy something with a vintage feel? Getting to know what your eye finds attractive will not only help you pick out your feature colors, but help you plan the overall look and feel of your wedding as well.

Wedding Colour Wheel
Are you on Pinterest? Pinterest is a fantastic tool to plan, map out, and create digital “storyboards” for your wedding. You can see what other people like, “pin” what you like, and before you know it you’ll look at your own “board” and start to see a pattern emerge – voila, there is your style!

The main thing to keep in mind when you’re picking out your wedding colors is to make sure you’re happy. Pick colors that make you feel warm and happy inside, just like your partner does! Don’t choose something just because your friends say they like it, or just because it happens to be really popular. Stay true to yourself and your style, and you’re guaranteed to have a wedding truly all your own!