Why do I need a wedding Website?

A Wedding Website is a representation of your love that you can share with all of the people special to you, not to mention a useful tool!

Why do I need a wedding website?

Well, why do you need a wedding? The answer to that question is very obvious; you need a wedding because you want to bring your friends and family together in one place to celebrate the beginning of a brilliant new chapter in your life.

The answer to “why do I need a wedding website?” is exactly the same, but instead of gathering your friends and family together in one big venue for one big day, you are gathering them online and including them in every moment of the build up to your big day.

It’s not just a website, it’s a representation of your love that you can share with all of the people special to you, near and far.

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Wedding Website Preview

Think about your life today – how many times do you use your phone to text friends, check the weather, or browse one of your favorite social networking sites? We use technology for everything now from remember doctors appointments to chatting “face to face” with our loved ones who live far away.

Having a wedding website is just an extension of the ever growing popularity of technology in our lives. Actually having a space on the web to share your wedding with your friends and family isn’t only a fun thing, it’s a useful tool as well. Instead of waiting weeks for guests to get around to mailing back their RSVPs, give them the option to RSVP online the moment they open up their invitation.

Let loved ones like your Mum and Grandmother watch the development of your wedding day style by linking your pinterest board and instagram account into your website.  Guests who aren’t following you on every social media site can now view all of the excitement instantly in one place!

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Engaged Couples Brand

A wedding website is a creative and unique way to express the theme of your wedding, or your style as a couple. By creating a web presence around your wedding, you are essentially instantly communicating to everyone who visits it “this is who we are, and we are in love!”

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