Your “Wedding Design” Timeline

What items for your wedding you should have designed, and when you should design them!

I’ve noticed that there is a never ending supply of “wedding timelines” available on the internet, but a real shortage of information for any bride wanting to know what her wedding design timeline is.

Whether you’re the kind of girl (or guy!) who is interested in pursuing custom designed elements for your wedding, or you’re more of of “do – it – yourself” person, you’re going to need to know when the best time is to get things started.

Wedding Design Time Line

Your Wedding Design Timeline

Lets get started;

9 to 11 months wedding design timeline

What you’re probably doing:

Around this point you’re giving some real thought to colour schemes and themes for  you wedding, and starting to generate some real creative ideas around the event.

Wedding Design Timeline:

Now is a good time to have a style sheet created, or create one yourself. A style sheet is something that really outlines your wedding’s style (exact colour, theme, sample images) and is a great tool that you can take into your florist, cake maker, wedding planner, ect to help them truly understand what your wedding is about, and how everything should “look”.

Thinking about a custom wedding monogram? This is a great time to start the process, before you start on your save the dates and invitations.

6 to 8 months in your wedding design timeline

What you’re probably doing:

By now you’ve most likely locked in your wedding attire, have tasted some cake, and are compiling address to send out your invites/ save the dates.

Wedding Design Timeline:

It’s at this point that you should considering getting customized save the dates, invitations, or both created and printed!

Going modern with a wedding website? Now’s the time to either purchase your template, or engage your designer to create your site just for you.

4 to 5 months before

What you’re probably doing:

At this point you’re just starting to finalise your guest list, and starting to lock in more of the finer details around your reception.

Wedding Design Timeline:

Now is a great time to be starting those fun little extras like your escort cards, table numbers, personalized wine labels, and all the little things that could come together to make your reception truly unique!

1 to 2 months before your wedding

What you’re probably doing:

Your wedding day is so close now! You’ve sent out your formal invitations, and now you’re finalising all those nitty-gritty details.

Wedding Design Timeline:

As you finally finish locking everything in for your wedding day schedule, it’s the perfect time to create your personalised wedding programs, and fun things like custom menus and drinks lists for your tables. It’s a great way to inform and entertain your guests, all with great designs that represent you two!

1 to 3 weeks wedding design timeline

What you’re probably doing:

Your most likely just getting back from  your honeymoon you lucky lovers!

Wedding Design Timeline:

It’s back to business after your honeymoon, as shortly it will be time to send out your thank you cards! And just like your save the dates and invitations, why not take the time to add a little personal flair!

I hope all  you lovely brides and grooms are having lots of fun planning for your big day! It can get busy and a bit frustrating at times planning any big event, let alone your wedding! Remember, if you ever need someone to bounce ideas off of, I’m happy to to help!

Your graphic designer,
-Marde x