What is a wedding monogram?

Three Letter Wedding Monogram

3-Letter Wedding Monogram (Personal)

For use as an individual, or as a wedding monogram. When using as a single person monogram, your first name is shown by the letter on the left, middle name on the right, and your last name represented by a large initial in the middle.

Example Shown: Bonnie Daniel Collins

One Letter Wedding Monogram

1-Letter Wedding Monogram

Single letters are great if you simply want to showcase your new last name!

Example Shown: Wilson

Three letter wedding monogram

3-Letter Wedding Monogram

Traditionally the wife’s name is represented by the first letter on the left with her husband’s first initial on the right – but in today’s day and age it is really up to your personal preference whose initial comes first. Your new shared last name is represented by the letter in the middle, and some couples like to add their wedding date underneath.

Example Shown: Alison & Oliver Kennings

Two Letter Ring Wedding Monogram

2-Letter Wedding Monogram

This simple and relaxed style of monogram features you and your partner’s first names. If no one is changing their last name however, it also makes a great way to showcase the first initials of both of your last names.

Example Shown: Will & Macey

Hipster Deer Head Monogram

“Hipster” Wedding Monogram

This is where your monogram design starts to get a little fun and trendy – with the shift in popular wedding style becoming less strict and a little more fun and free, a “hipster style” wedding monogram could be perfect for you to use to characterize your unique relationship.

Example Shown: Aaron & Daniel

Skiing Wedding Monogram

“Shared Interest” Wedding Monogram

Another fun way to express your own unique flavor, do you and your intended love skiing together? Share a common love of a particular football team? Creating a “shared interest” monogram is a great way to include the activities and things you love in your big day.

Example Shown: Gary & Carey